Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog start

Why is it whenever you want to try something new, there's always that one guy that is the expert on whatever it is you're trying?  "Oh you're gonna start a blog?  Well you have to use  I've already tried every other blog site on the entire planet and you don't want to try anything else ... Trust me."  Oh okay, I will trust you.  I've only been forced to know you by financial obligations to pay rent or be fed and I don't even know you're last name but I think I'm going to hang on your every suggestion as if it is from the Bible.
"Oh, you're gonna buy a goldfish?  You need to make sure to get Norman's Goldfish food or it'll die in like a week ... Trust me."
"Oh, you're going to Olive Garden tonight, you have to try the Pasta De Olive Gardene.  It's the best dish there ... Trust me."
Why do we always have to please these people?  Would it hurt to just say, "I would prefer to buy the cheap Goldfish food because that's how long they live anyway."
"Thanks but I would like to try a different kind of pasta.  They do have 50 different items for a reason.  It's because more people eat at Olive Garden than just you and your submissive friends and family." 
But alas, as this person told me about the only website any person should ever use for blogging, I found myself saying, "Oh yeah, I'll have to use it then... if it's that good."
Of course I found a better website but for the sake of agreeing with someone to retain a somewhat civil working relationship and the fact that the person who suggested it was my boss, he thinks I'm going to use his website.  So for the rest of my career under his "tutelage" I must say I decided not to do a blog because it takes too much work or it's against my religion or something.  And so begins my blog, I hope you enjoy.

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  1. You will be so glad that you chose Blogger... trust me! :)